This year is most definitely the year of the Next Gen Consoles, from the PS4, the Xbox One, the Ouya, Valve's Steam Machines,  and the new Mad Catz M.O.J.O. Micro Console for Android. Who will be the raining Champion of 2014? So far Sony said they will be keeping an eye on Valve's Steam Machines and Microsoft thinks that micro consoles like the Ouya are no competition. And as of this week Mad Catz surprised us all by unveiling the M.O.J.O. 

Personally I think Sony's PS4 is currently dominating the gaming industry but the Xbox One is not far behind. As for the Ouya and Mad Catz micro console, I think they will do good in this market mainly due to the power these smaller consoles have and the price range is lower than both the PS4 and the Xbox One. But Valve's Steam Machines seem to be silent killer that may well be the next best selling console, and is most definately a threat to Microsoft and Sony.

At this point the advantages fall on the consoles that have the most games that gamers want to purchase and play, so it will take a little while for the newer consoles to catch up, but with all the new technology these days, it may not even take that long because Disks are now becoming obsolete and downloadable content is slowly taking over. Even  Tekken's Producer, Katsuhiro Harada predicts that the Sony PS5 will be only a controller and a monitor, and that software will overpower hardware and it will all come down to which competitor offers the best service.

Comment below what Console do you guys think will be #1 within the next year or two. (I'm keeping a very close eye on Valve's Steam Machines even though I've never really been a PC fan)